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I was born and raised in Sri Lanka. I have been an outdoor person since my childhood. Hiking is one of my favourite adventures and I’m a passionate equestrian too. In fact, I love horses; they are sort of my happy place and I cherish every moment being on their back.

“Once a hobby that turned out to be a passion” is my story in a sentence. Eventually, I started to experience great peace, thrill and fun in travelling, meeting new people, engaging with them, falling in love with nature again and again. Anyhow, my love for greenery and nature were within me which made the bond even stronger.

So far, I have been to 18 countries including Africa and Uganda. My perspective of life never remained the same after my trip to Africa. I had some vivid exposures which are still fresh in my heart.

Well, I write this blog to convert my thoughts into words since I cannot put out everything on social media due to the limited characteristics. Moreover, Instagram and TikTok act as the main parts of my social media network.

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