Camping in Horton Plains National Park

Camping in Sri Lanka’s major headwaters, Horton Plains – Nuwaraeliya
24 August 2021
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Horton Plains National Park is located in central highlands of Sri Lanka and its located 2,100 meters above sea level. Horton Plains is one of the well protected national parks in Sri Lanka and the geography and harsh weather make it even more protected. If you are a wild life lover there are lots of wild life you can see and photograph. If you are lucky you can even see Sri Lankan leopards here. With recent COVID-19 situation, park has very less visitors and leopards are roaming much freely.
This area’s annual rainfall is greater than 2,000 millimetres and frequent cloud cover helps to keep the temperature around 13 degree Celsius and during off season and night times can go down to 2 to 3 degree Celsius. This makes Horton Plains camping one of the coldest camping experience in Sri Lanka.
Closest villages to the park are Ohiya and Pattipola both are approximately 8 to 10 kilometres away from the park entrance. There are two roads leading to Horton Plains.

Most common road is via Pattipola. But the road from Ohiya also very scenic. Both roads start from it’s respective train stations and it’s called world’s end road. Pattipola railway station is Sri Lanka’s highest railway station situated in an elevation of 1,897.5 m above sea level.

This is Pattipola Road
A brief map to understand the roads


There are two parts i would like to explain. First part is important since it contributes a lot for camping. As explained Horton Plains is a National Park so to camp you have to book the campsites and this is one of the few places in Sri Lanka where you can legally camp. Yes folks it’s prohibited by law to camp in Sri Lanka unless it’s specified camping site.

Camping sites can be booked by visiting the Department of Wildlife Conservation Battaramulla. Unfortunately it’s not online friendly yet. They have the online booking facility for bungalows but not for camping sites.
It would be challenging if you live out of Colombo, because finding this office in other major cities is doubtful but you can always do phone inquiries. In fact i recommend you to give a call to check the availability before you go there in person.

Department of Wildlife Conservation – Phone: 0112 888 585

Map Location –

There are 3 dedicated camping sites.

Campsite Locations

This map will help you to get a better picture. Campsite 01 is my favourite because its next to Belihul Oya river and covered from all 4 sides and you have the total privacy. But its difficult to accommodate more than 6 i would say. For a larger group campsite 03 is the best choice as you have more space to pitch tents and for better privacy as well.
Campsite 02 is located next to the footpath which tourist take during the day time to visit bakers falls and world’s end points. Advantage you have in here is you can get closer to the path which leads back to the main gates as well as you can take walks to many attractions in the park. But you lose your privacy during day time.

To book each campsite for one day (at the time of writing) will be LKR 2400 [Note – Price can change over time so it’s better you inquire prices] Each campsite can accommodate up to 12 campers. Apart from this Wildlife department will charge vehicle fee when you enter into the park.

Now that booking campsites are done let’s get to part-2 of preparations.
Horton Plains can be a tough and rough place to camp if you go underprepared. I always like the simplicity of camping and recommend you to not go overboard with equipments. Night at Horton Plains can be cold so below are some of the essential you will require

1. Rainproof camping tent [Rain here is unpredictable so be prepared]
2. Cooking facilities [campfire is prohibited here. So gas stove will be ideal]
3. Warm Clothes [This will change from person to person. Temperature can drop to 2 or 3 celsius so be prepared]
4. Sleeping bag [This will go a long way for a good sleep]
5. Enough food for your stay [Plan your meals and make sure to pack snacks]
6. Camping lights [This is obvious but since you don’t have a campfire, head light and a camp light will go a long way]
7. Garbage Bags [ I mentions this specifically since we have witnessed people litter the campsite when they leave. Please refrain from littering. Make sure to collect your garbage and dispose into the provided garbage bins at the main entrance]

There are plenty of things I can mention on this list. But I’m sure that the essential mentioned are adequate.

Camping Time

If you are traveling from Colombo it will be a long drive, approximately 6 hours. Camping site will be open for you from 11.00 a.m onwards. So my advice is try to reach your campsite by at least by 1.00 p.m so you have enough time to pitch the tents and settle in. Deadline to reach campsites are before 4.00 p.m.

When you bring the perfect tent setup guy

When you enter park gates [from Pattipola or Ohiya] officers will check your campsite booking receipt and you will have to pay parking fee for your vehicle. Upon reaching the main entrance you can park your vehicle inside the parking lot [don’t park by the road] and head to Wildlife office. Here they will check your baggage. Alcohol is prohibited here and I find this a good thing because here you should not be intoxicated but bond with nature.

Tip – If you go using your own vehicle make sure to let officers know your vehicle number.

Belihuloya next to our campsite

Once you pass all your checkings it’s time to walk to your camping site. Here you will find my packing tips handy because you will have to carry everything by your self to the camping ground. So other than your tent rest of the things should be packed into your backpack. This will make your walk easy.

From main entrance to the camping sites it’s a 10 minutes short hike. Approximately 2 Km hike. If you are a first timer get assistance from the wildlife officer to show you the campsite because as the growth of the grass is excess and fast in here and footpaths gets covered very often.

Washroom Situation

One of the common questions i receive about camping is how you manage the nature’s calls aka pooping. While almost all the time in Sri Lankan camping you have to do your duties in a dry toilet. Simply dig a small hole do your job wipe with toilet paper and cover your tracks. But here in Horton Plains department of wildlife kind enough to provide you squatting toilet. If you don’t know this google the term “squatting toilet”. You will have to carry a water bucket for necessity. This I find outstanding since lot of people find dry toilet difficult so anyone new to camping will definitely admire this.

Perfect view from campsite

Camping Experience

There are variety of things to do here. It is explained in my “things to do” section. During mid day with sun it will be difficult for you to stay in your tent as it will get hot. So find some activity which you can enjoy. Apart from the mid day if the weather is good you can relax, read a book or listen to music sitting next to spectacular Belihul Oya. Don’t forget to climb up to the plains to watch the sunset.

No filter Sunset near campsite

Trust me this is one of the most beautiful sunsets I have ever seen in my life. Make sure you take a sweater, camera and a torch. It gets super dark right after the sun goes down.

Our tent

Also if there are no clouds you will be witnessing one of the most coolest sky with full of stars. Horton Plains is one of the best place to do stargazing since there is no light pollution at all. If you are a photographer make sure you bring your tripod along with warm pair of gloves and a beanie as I have already mentioned it’s super cold during night time.

Taken 30 mins before sunset

Things to Do

Anything related to Horton Plains involves walking. So every activity here requires you to walk. But the best part is there are activities to be done from a beginner to experienced outdoor person. So don’t worry. I will start from easiest to difficult in physical activity and this will be very brief intro as i don’t want the post to be too long.

But trust me all of this activities are not difficult in my perspective. You just have to take your own time and do it accordingly.

Near Baker’s Falls

1. World’s End Trail – 9 Km loop. Plenty to see here

Bakers Falls
World’s End drop
Mini World’s End
Mini World’s End Drop

Plenty of things to photograph and lot’s of birds

2. Kirigalpotta Mountain Hike – 14 km return trip [2nd highest mountain in Sri Lanka]

3. Thotupola Kanda Hike – 4.5 Km return trip [3rd highest mountain in Sri Lanka]
This is the only place not marked in the map below. You will have to take your vehicle and drive back to Pattipola park entrance and hike’s starting point will be 1 km before the gate. Walking can be done as well

Here is a small map to make it more easy to understand. Blue line is the World’s end trail where most of the attractions located and path are easy going. Also it’s marked so you will be lost on your way. Also you can hire a wildlife guide for a guided tour if you love to learn in depth details on Horton Plains.

Things to do map
Sambar Deer

Final Thoughts

Horton Plains is one of my favourite places in Sri Lanka. It has so much of diverse nature and I find new things every time I go here. Camping here is one of the best experience you can get and the weather can be one of the most challenging as well. But I love the whole thing.
Finally i would like to mention that Wildlife department try their level best to protect the area and keep plastic and polythene free. They remove every single polythene wrapper from day tourist and put those content in a paper bag to keep garbage 100% out of the park. Kudos to the officers.

How beautiful this place

But as campers they allow you to bring plastic and polythene since sometimes they come in handy to store your belongings. I humbly request you not to miss use this. I have seen many campers discard the noodles packets and plastic bottles in the camp grounds and it stinks the entire place and crows have become the regular visitors here.

Garbage Cleaning

Wildlife officers do clean up time to time but this can be easily avoided if you are responsible. Let’s enjoy camping while keeping the place clean so we can handover it to the next person to enjoy in the same way like we do.

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Nutrijoy SL Protein Bars

Yums that won’t get you plum.
22 August 2021
Reading Time – 02 Mins

When a tummy full meal being reformed in a size of a chocolate bar, that’s a Nutri Bar.

Nutri Bar has few other names such as, Protein Bar, Energy bar, Cereal Bar, Power Bar etc.

However, all of it means that it contains a lot of nutrition in it.

As mentioned, Protein bars are the replacement of any mean which is rich in protein.

When people don’t have time to cook or carry food or with any other contrast circumstance, this is a great replacement indeed. A Nutri bar contains the macro nutrients and micro nutrients which a human should intake into their food on a daily basis.

This is typically popular among travellers, mountain climbers, hikers, gym and fitness freaks, athletes and people with busy life style. Indeed, the people who don’t fall under these categories also can consume this. Since it’s made using dried fruits, dates, nuts, seeds and grains. Also, it supports a good digestive system.

Moreover, it is vital to check the ingredients of each and every Nutri bar. As the label provides vital information.

Being an adventurist, energy bars have a good impact in me. Initially when I tried this, I was wondering, thinking to myself how could a small chocolate bar kind of a thing could be so rich in nutrition?! but when I felt the difference, it actually adds more value now.

Nutrijoy SL is a great choice if you are in look out of any kind of Power bars since, they import high quality stuff from USA and Canada. Most importantly you can get your customised Protein box and they have super good varieties.

They also post tips and useful information on their Instagram account. So go check their page mentioned below for information as well as orders.

Well, I received a Protein Box from Nutrijoy SL and it contained 15 bars in total which includes 10 international brands and 7 different varieties.

The taste was truly amazing. Some were scrumptious, some were the typical bars, in some the flavour was so good, some smelt really good and some other were chocolaty. Overall, it’s a total good package which is reasonable in price.

Nutrijoy SL Page –

DM on WhatsApp – +94 74 090 8989

Haritha Villas + Spa

Exclusive Comforts Designed to Relax, Thiranagama – Hikkaduwa
16 June 2021
Reading Time – 05 Mins


Haritha Villas located in small town called Thiranagama closer to the well known Hikkaduwa in down south Sri Lanka. This beautiful resort is only a 5-minute drive from Hikkaduwa beach but located on a Hill surrounded by a small forest.

Getting to Haritha Villas is easy. You can take the Southern Highway and it will take around 1 hour and 15 minutes drive.

Tip – Google Map shows a different road to the hotel. So when you are closer you shall call the hotel for directions. It was not a hassle at all and we were able to find the road easily.

Map Location


As I have mentioned earlier, Haritha Villa located approximately 900m from the coast and less than 20km from Galle. But inside Haritha you will feel like you are in the middle of a luxury jungle. The view from the main restaurant and pool is a green paddy field and its lush greenery everywhere you walk.

An outstanding thing at Haritha Villa is that once you arrive, you will be assigned to a Villa Master and he will take care of you during your entire stay. This is a unique when compared to the rest.

Our lunch sport


Haritha Villas + Spa has two Colonial mansions sharing a big saltwater pool and 7 independent contemporary villas with saltwater plunge pools. Two Colonial mansions are designed for families since they can accommodated up to six guests.

The view from Independent villas is all covered with trees and bushes and underlying paddy fields.  Each villa has a beautifully manicured garden area, outside dining area and a private terrace with sofa and sun beds and your own saltwater plunge pool.

Room Tour

Each room and villa has Bose wireless portable 360 speakers for entertainment and an iPad with a chat function for easy communication. Not only that you will be given a smartphone so you can communicate with your Villa Master and summon whenever you require his service.

Since we visited the resort during the pandemic it was very impressive how the safety measures were adapted here. Every towel sanitised and packed separately and the villa was fully sanitised for every new guest.

Haritha is a 100% plastic free resort. Kudos to that.

Every Villa equipped with cutting edge technology


At Haritha Villas you get to decide where you want to dine. We personally loved and enjoyed our romantic dinner setup in our villa. But i recommend their main restaurant for dining as well, since it gives such a lovely view along side the main pool.
Haritha has their own organic vegetable garden which plays a huge part to these super delicious dishes. We tried the Western cuisine and the local cuisine as well, everything was just great as it looks. We were served in the main restaurant and in our villa as we ought to. All what we tasted here have left that tasty print on our tongues.

Floating Breakfast

Things to do / Activities

Haritha Villa + Spa is designed with pure peace. So they focus on their guest’s wellness and relaxation predominantly. They have a fully equipped Spa treatment facility and a lovely Yoga deck

Yoga and Spa at Haritha

They have bicycles which you can take for rides around the village and paddy fields. There is a reading area next to the main restaurant and pool where you can read and relax with your favourite drink.

If you love excursions outside the property you are in luck. Haritha Villa located in one of the most tourist dense locations in the country. Below are few suggestions from my side,

  • Hikkaduwa Beach
  • Unawatuna Beach – Snorkelling and diving
  • Mirissa – Surfing
  • Mirissa – Whale Watching

Your butler should be able to arrange your outside excursions after taking your requirements

Staff and Service

Haritha Villa + Spa is specially designed to encourage personalised service to guests. So, most of the time the engagement with the staff was through your Villa Master aka butler. Your accommodation, food and beverages to all other in house facilities will be done by your butler. But apart from our butler we met the front desk staff, spa treatment staff, yoga instructor and even the head chef and the general manager as well. Their service was one of a kind. 

Staff at Haritha works with one accord providing the best relaxation that money can buy.

Details Video on Haritha Villa + Spa


Haritha Villa + Spa is a beautiful serene property, it’s beauty is only surpassed by their service. We were amazed at haritha’s quietness, relaxation and personalised luxury. It’s located in the perfect place for relaxation and the Spa and Yoga studio completes it. There are many spa rituals you can take which caters for your wellness and beauty.

We recommend this small boutique villa for anyone who is looking for luxurious experience with ultimate relaxation.

Haritha Villa + Spa Website

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Karpaha Sands

Pristine Beach with White Sand, Kalkudah – Batticaloa
14 March 2021
Reading Time – 05 Mins


Karpaha Sands is a resort with a mixture of many aspects. It is situated in a very unique location and a few kms away from the popular “Pasikuda”. Unlike Pasikuda, Kalkuda is smaller in area and not so popular among tourists. Only thing you will see at the beach during morning hours is fishermen from a small village nearby. But during evening hours it is only you and the beach.

Getting to Karpaha Sands is long drive if you start from Colombo. So make sure you leave Colombo early since drive is normally 6 hours or more. But trust me it’s all worth it.

Note – I have to mention this since I think it’s important note to make. The last 2 Km to the hotel, road is somewhat damaged. This is due to the monsoon rain take place every year. It’s a public road that hotel cannot maintain. So if you have any concerns, call the hotel before your arrival. They will assist you with road condition and even arranging a very safe parking place and take you in their vehicle.

Map Location


As I have mentioned earlier, Karpaha Sands has mixture of many things. The Tamil Culture since Eastern part of Sri Lanka is populated with Tamils. Near by fishing village gives you one of the best cultural and village experience of how east of Sri Lankan villagers depend on sea. While relaxing in your villa, you can witness the daily chores of fishing, selling them to buyers, cleaning up and getting ready to do it all over again.

Due to the pandemic the resort host only four occupants. Including two of us. We didn’t had any hassle in checking-in. Everything was smooth and after filling COVID-19 papers [This is the new normal], we headed to our villa.

Trying to capture Eagles flying low to the beach


Even though Karpaha Sands has villas, well I would call it “Tented Suites”. As soon as I saw this, it took me back to my Africa trip where I saw Bush Tents, the only difference is Karpaha Sands tented suites are luxurious.

Room Tour

There are three types of suits in Karpaha. Palam Suite, Kolaya Suite and Family Suits. My choice was Palam Suite as it has direct access to beach. You can also checkout how fisherman work on the beach at distance. Kolaya Suite is located somewhat inside the resort and quite away from beach front. But you have a sandy front porch where you can relax and you have 100% privacy. Also Kolaya Suites are bigger in size.
Family Suites can accommodate 5 people and it’s on the far side of the resort.

My favourite part of the suit was the, outdoor shower. It gives you a feeling of taking a shower from a small waterfall.

Outdoor Shower

Upon our arrival we were given a small bag which consist of a mobile phone, USB charger, Torch, Waterproof Bluetooth speaker. Mobile phone is your Wifi hotspot and way of communication with reception and restaurant.
They sent you the menu via WhatsApp where you can order your food in advance or order drinks to your villa it self. Bluetooth speaker is a nice choice where you can enjoy good music while you are at beach or pool.

Bluetooth Speaker and Phone

Also I love Karpaha Sands dedicated for removing single use of plastics.

There were no single use plastics.


Fresh, Authentic, Mouthwatering. I need only three words to describe about the food. Karpaha Sands has a young aspiring chef. I was privileged to learn fix tricks from him during my cooking class.
During our stay we mostly sticked to local food, but we tried few western style dishes as well. Everything tasted amazingly good. Everything they used were freshly purchased. Sea food purchased from local Fisherman and most of the vegetables were from their own organic garden.

For vegetarians and vegans there were plenty of options. My partner being a vegetarian approved Karpha Sands food.

One thing to keep in mind if you are a local, Karpaha Sands doesn’t offer full board or half board options for the local rate. Breakfast is the only meal included. Rest of the meals you will have to purchase. However if you are a foreigner, you will have the option to select Bed & Breakfast along with full board and Half Board options.
When it comes to food recommendation they have a lovely BBQ platter [meat and sea food mixed]. You will have to order it ahead of time since ingredients have to be purchase in advance to maintain the freshness.

We noticed that ordering food in advance on our arrival was easy since as soon as you arrive your food is served. It was much easier having the menu in the mobile phone given and we just sent a WhatsApp message to the Restaurant.

Things to do / Activities

Karpaha Sands has a wide range of activities. Comparatively, If you come with family there are few games you can play and Kids will have multiple games to play in TV room. If you are an adventure freak, you can go deep sea fishing. The cost is for the boat. So if you have around 6 participants then price will come down drastically. This is a 4 to 6 hour activity so you need to book a day prior.

Activities available

Cooking class was one of my favourite activities. I regularly cook when I’m home. Still I have learned so much from the chef on how to prepare local delicacy Carb Curry. In addition to that he taught me a few tricks on cooking many local food.

Cooking Class

Another must try in Karpaha Sands is movie under the stars. When you select this activity you will be given a booklet of movie titles. You can select your favourite movie and inform reception. In the evening, the staff will prepare you a mini cinema by the beach with a projector screen and comfy bean bag chairs. You can enjoy the movie under the stars with some chips and drinks.

Although this was not included to activities, watching fisherman fish by the shores is also a nice experience. In fact, I went along with them and helped them. It was such hard work they do every single day in scorching sun in order to feed their families.

Tried helping the fisherman

Enjoy the beach. This one doesn’t need explanation. Beach here is spectacular. White sand for many miles and it’s so pristine. If you miss the beach here then you are missing the best part of Karpaha Sands

Chill by the beach

Staff and Service

During our time of visit, Karpaha Sand staff were 50% reduced due to the pandemic. Nevertheless we never felt any service shortage. Every staff member was always busy but they wore a smile behind their mask all the time. Staff from Reception, Resturent and Spa was very friendly and welcoming.

Short video on Karpaha Sands


Karpaha Sands can be ranked among the best resorts in East of Sri Lanka. Besides , the white sand beach with no tourist is icing on cake. I highly value the privacy at any resort. Well Karpaha Sands did not fail to offer me such privacy which made me love this place even more.

Food served to us was amazing, I love the fact they mix few cultures into food which still tastes fantastic.

Accommodation in Karpaha was wonderful. The luxurious tented villas give you a feeling that you are in bushes yet you can see the blue ocean in-front of you.

Overall, if you are planning to visit the Eastern part of Sri Lanka, Karpaha Sands should be a stop in your itinerary.

Karpaha Sands Website

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Chena Huts by Uga Escapes

All Inclusive Bliss in Yala, Tissamaharama
10 January 2021
Reading Time – 05 Mins


Chena Huts by Uga Escapes is bordering one of the most visiting national parks in Sri Lanka called Yala. Chena Huts is 22 Km or 30 mins drive from the nearest town Tissamaharama. Last part to the hotel is not paved and you required assistance from a vehicle since you will travel through a small jungle with common sighting of wildlife. Chena Huts built next to Yala coast where you get to experience the purest Sri Lankan beach with jungle next to it. Beach here is pristine and there will be no one to trouble your privacy which is highly valued here in Chena Huts

Map Location


Upon our arrival we have to gone through some security measures and safety check due to the fact we are still in COVID-19 pandemic. Once screening completed we had a unique traditional welcome.
If you read my blogpost on Uga Ullagalla likewise Chena Huts also follow their own unique welcome they call as “Flag Ceremony” where they let you put Sri Lankan flag in front of your know language.

Right after the flag ceremony we were guided to our lovely villa. Since this property is an all inclusive resort all of the villas are same tier level and you don’t required to upgrade your villa to experience further benefits.


The villa was absolutely beautiful. As soon as you enter the villa you feel like you are in a jungle Igloo. Yala is a hot and humid place, but even without air condition the room was cool thanks to high roof and dome shape and the room covered from  Palmyra tree leaves which further reduce the heat from the sun. Above video will give you a better understanding about the room situation.

Use of the space was impressive where the bed was the centerpiece. Bathroom was behind the bed where two wash basins with mirrors to your chores and bathtub is right behind you. shower and toilet separated in two small cubicles.

The highlight of the room has to be the private pool. When you open the backdoor of the villa, you will be welcomed to an amazing deck covered with thick forest where you can call 100% private. The pool was big enough for two people with almost one stroke of swim size (you get the idea). There is a lovely outdoor shower head if you prefer to take one and two sun beds along with camping style chairs there to enjoy the nature while you can enjoy the all inclusive mini bar with a lovely glass of wine.

Room Tour


I can only say good things about the Food and Beverages in Chena Huts. Every meal they served was amazing and tasty. Everything was freshly cooked and portions were size to the perfection. Each meal is well planned and executed by the restaurant. By the time you are done with your food I’m sure you will be full with tasty food. If you have gone through my previous posts you know that my partner is plant based. Best part about this is I get to tell my vegetarian and vegan folks about food situation too.

Few pics of Yummies 🙂

As per my partner. He loved the food. Best part is he was impress how chef was providing proteins rich food without using animal meat. overall this will be a fantastic news for the vegan and vegetarian people visiting Chena huts.

Well you know the food is amazing at Chena but what about the drinks. In an all inclusive resort like this can you expect variety of beverages that include alcohol as well. Answer would be absolutely yes. There are number of fresh juice’s made with seasonal fresh fruits. Also there are very nice mocktails and cocktails if you fancy that kind of vibe. You do get to enjoy wine for your romantic outdoor dinner. But if you are a person who enjoys wine during anytime of the day Chena huts don’t mind serving you a glass during mid day even. Apart from that you get some choices of hard liquor also, but if you want your favorite liquor, chances are you might have to check their paid menu options depending on your preferences in hard liquor.

Day two meals.

Things to do / Activities

Chena Huts is located bordering Sri Lanka’s most popular National Park “Yala”. Although Yala is not the biggest national park in the island but it’s the most protected. One reason is it’s border to sea from one side and other three sides also well protected and not many civilizations around it. Reason I like game drives with Chena is they have well qualified naturalist to guide you throughout and having a qualified naturalist next to you will open the nature to you like you have never seen before.
You get to learn how animal behave and also learn about many plants and trees that are indigenous. The game drive 4×4 vehicles are in highest quality and well equipped to give you a comfortable ride where you can totally focus on witnessing the nature while Chena Huts will take care of the rest for you.

Other than the Safari Chena Huts equipped with a fantastic spa where you get to relax after drive in the jungle.

Also don’t forget to enjoy the beach in front of the property. There are nicely placed benches which ensure distance where you get to relax and enjoy the waves.

Small Video on Chena Huts

Staff and Service

If you read my Uga Ulagalla review you may already know that I love their service. It’s carried to Chena Huts as well. Every staff member here will make sure to give their fullest to make your stay a memorable one.

Staff here in Chena Huts always on point to keep things tidy and ensure your villa is clean and refill everything that used with new ones. They live up to their name of giving you an unforgettable all inclusive luxury experience.


Uga Chena Huts is constantly ranked among top 10 all inclusive luxury hotels in Sri Lanka and among the world as well. This is mainly due to their consistent effort to make everything perfect and giving their guest the best care they can ask for.

We also treated the same way and that’s why we also love the whole experience there.

The best part for me was my villa was surrounded by the jungle yet I hear the waves crashing in shore. What can I ask more ?
Please take me back to Chena Huts that’s all I can ask for.

Chena Huts Website

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Spa Ceylon – Luxury Ayurveda

Range of Product Review of Spa Ceylon
16 December 2020
Reading Time – 10 Mins

This is a comprehensive review on multiple products from Spa Ceylon.
Spa Ceylon if a Sri Lankan Ayurveda brand cater for head to toe care products. All of their products are made out of natural ingredients and it is not tested on animals. They have products for Vegans and Vegetarians and almost all the ingredients they use are organic

Following products I’m reviewing are my actual experience using it for a long period of time. Some products I have used for years and the shortest time being 5 weeks. This is why you may see some of the bottles are half empty. So I believe there is enough time for testing any of the products I’m reviewing today. Without further adieu here you go

White Rice – Overnight Nourishing Perfector

This is one of Spa Ceylon’s best sellers. This night face cream designed to help your skin to recover. While we sleep our entire body is recovering and heeling, same goes to our skin. White Rice Overnight cream helps the skin to recover the damaged skin faster and hydrating the skin during night time

WHITE RICE – Overnight Nourishing Perfector

This cream started to gave me results after using it for 7 to 9 days. It reduced the dryness I see when I wake up and also my face skin looked smoother. I have not seen the skin tightness as they told but I certainly saw the other benefits as expected.

Pro Tip – This cream is 100% natural. So I advice not to dip your fingers since you will mix moisture, dust, water droplets from your fingers and eventually spoil the cream over time. I use a small spoon to take out the cream so there is less chance to get it spoiled.

Use a Spoon to avoid moisture going in

Here are the ingredients in this Night Cream – Rice Bran, Coconut, Olive, Soya, Almond, Wheatgerm, Avocado, Watercress, Bearberry, Green Tea, Licorice.

How to Use – After washing your face before bed time apply the cream to your face and neck. Massage with circulatory upward movements for few mins. Better results use it with Spa Ceylon WHITE SANDAL – Soothing Eye Serum

Ingredients – Rice Bran, Coconut, Olive, Soya, Almond, Wheatgerm, Avocado, Watercress, Bearberry, Green Tea, Licorice.

White Sandal – Soothing Eye Serum

WHITE SANDAL – Soothing Eye Serum

This product gave me results in days. As a person who constantly using spectacles my skin around my eyes always look darker comparing to my face skin. This always cause me problems when I ware contact lenses as it clearly show my darker skin. After using White Sandal Soothing Eye Serum with in days my skin around eyes started to show massive improvement and after 2 weeks of constant use there was nigh and day difference in my skin.
Even though Spa Ceylon recommend to use this both day and night, I have used it only during night time since its bit difficult to apply a serum and then wait till it get dry so I can ware my spectacles 🙂

How to use – After cleaning and drying your eye area, Apply a few drops around eye contour, blend into skin with gentle press & release movements & leave on.

Ingredients – 100% pure Sandalwood oil, Pure organic Aloe Vera, Witch Hazel , Concentrated Olive extracts, Sandalwood, Licorice, Green Tea, Watercress & Bearberry.

White Rice – Nourishing All-Day Protector

Since I already started using White Rice night cream I selected White Rice day cream as it contains almost same ingredients but some what a light version of the night cream. Light version means the thickness of the cream is somewhat less than the night cream therefor easy to keep it during the day. Never the less I wash it off around lunch time (Apply morning 8 a.m and wash off around 1 p.m) keeping it for around 5 hours during day time. This is mainly because I live in Colombo where it always humid and hot. So any face cream with sweat do not go well.

WHITE RICE – Nourishing All-Day Protector

As of results I cannot say what exactly helped my face skin, as I was using the Night cream for sometime before purchasing the day cream. But I both creams have almost similar ingredients so I can say they give similar results

How to use – After washing your face, day it. Using finger tips, apply lightly all over face & neck, avoiding eye contours. Blend into skin & leave-on.

Ingredients – Rice Bran, Coconut, Olive, , Watercress, Bearberry, Green Tea, Licorice, Calendula, Rose.

White Mint – Facial Cleansing Foam

I’ve been trying out many face washes on the market since I do not like the end results of the face wash gives to my face. Some gives me an oily skin after the wash and some gives me a dry skin. I wanted something in the middle. Which will not give me an oily skin as well as not so dry that it starts to damage my skin. WHITE MINT – Facial Cleansing Foam recommend by the Spa Ceylon experts and they even gave me the opportunity to try it out then and there so I can get the real feeling of it before actually buying it.

WHITE MINT – Facial Cleansing Foam

This washes away the oil off my skin and actually helps to form oil on the skin as well. As many face washes gave me pimples after using it for a while White Mint Face Wash did not gave any pimples ensuring me there is no harmful ingredients in it as well as my skin didn’t have any reactions to it.
I very much like the fact they allowed me to tested it before buying I can recommend you to checkout their entire line up and select the one that suites your skin type

How to use – Wet face & neck. Apply & gently massage until foaming. Rinse off with warm water. Repeat if required. Avoid eye area.

Ingredients – Olive, Aloe Vera, Castor, Watercress, Ceylon Green Tea, Bearberry, Licorice, Kokum, Clove, Eucalyptus, Peppermint.

Wonder Oils – Island Rose & Night Jasmine

Island Rose & Night Jasmine

While the ingredients in this oils gave me a promising results, I naturally bought it for the exquisite aroma they produce.
Both wonder oils consist of ayurvedic or medicinal purpose ingredients its hard to believe how can they produce such lovely smelling oil including all the herbal products.
Both oils have their own flower extracts which gives that signature aroma. Unlike other oil you apply, this will not give you that shining look on your skin. Rather it quickly absorbed into your skin and hydrate it. You can use for the areas where your skin tend to dry easily. Spa Ceylon recommend to use it skin and hair. But I use this only to skin, and also I do not use it on my face. I recommend to keep this handy in your bag so you can quickly use it on your legs and arms if you are a person who constantly working in Air Conditioned area as it tends to dry our skin fast.

How to use – Spray-on directly on to skin & hair, gently massage & leave-on. Work extra on dry areas (I only use it on my skin)


Island Rose – Rice bran, Olive, Almond, Wheat germ, Moringa, Rose geranium, Margosa, Sesame, Rose, Avocado, Calendula (Marigold), Coconut, Soya, Sunflower

Night Jasmine – Rice bran, Olive, Almond, Wheat germ, Moringa, Neroli, Jasmine, Margosa, Sesame, Avocado, Coconut, Soya, Sunflower

Pink Lotus – Body Lotion

This is my solution for skin dryness. As many of us constantly under a fan or air conditioners, our skin tend to dry fast. This is not only happening to our face but entire body. Its very important to hydrate our skin because skin dryness will lead to skin damage. I use PINK LOTUS – Body Lotion for my entire body. Specially to the expose areas of arms, legs

PINK LOTUS – Body Lotion

This has a lovely smell to is so there is no problem using it anywhere you go. After every wash I like to use this body lotion as well as before bed time I use Pink Lotus Lotion as it help to moisturize my skin

How to use – Apply all over hands & body. Massage & leave on.

Ingredients – Pink Lotus, Saffron, Sandalwood, Virgin Coconut, , Wheatgerm, Rice Bran, Almond, Soya, Honey, Olive, Natural Vitamin E

Sun – Head & Hair Protective Spray (SPF 30+)

SUN – Head & Hair Protective Spray (SPF 30+)

My partner is the one actually loves this product more than me. He is constantly expose to sun and never bother to use anything to protect him self. Now more than me he uses this products as he loves the smell of it and it doesn’t give that oiliness as it absorb after few mins applying. I also recommend using the SUN – Moisture Care Body Spray (SPF 25+) for your body. Ingredients are almost similar for both products.

But I cannot recommend you to apply this to your face as it may too much oily. For your face use their sun protecting cream.

Best thing about this is you can it even if you go for a swim, but keep in mind you will have to re-apply after few hours.

How to use – Spray-on all over head & hair, 15 mins. prior to sun exposure. Re-apply when in sun, then every 1-2 hours & after every contact with water.

Ingredients – Soya Bean, Coconut, Sun flower, Rice Bran, Avocado, Almond, Natural Minerals

De-Stress – Harmonising Essence Mist

DE-STRESS – Harmonising Essence Mist

This is my very first purchase from Spa Ceylon. I have been using this one for closer to 4 years now. Initially I purchased to keep in my bag to use handy when I get sweaty but overtime this is my go to for all the Gym towels I take for my workouts. Yeah that’s right people, gym towels. We all know when we workout no matter how much air condition you have, you will get sweaty. Specially for me my face start to drip with sweat and I have to use a towel. When you apply 3 or 4 sprays onto your towel the smell you get when wiping your face is amazing, It gives that freshness every wipe and keeps the towels out of bad odor. I can recommend you to use on your pillows and bed linen for the same effect. Even after years of using and can’t remember how much bottles I have used and DE-STRESS – Harmonising Essence Mist never let me down. For better effect you can refrigerate the bottle so your mist have a much stronger and lasting smell

How to use – After bath, spray on lightly, all over body, pillows & bed linen. Leave on, relax & unwind. For best results, keep refrigerated after use.

Ingredients – Witch Hazel, Aloe Vera, Castor, Kaffir Lime, Tangerine, Sandalwood, Frankincense

Virgin Coconut – Nourishing Hair Conditioner & Cleanser

VIRGIN COCONUT – Nourishing Hair Conditioner & Cleanser

I’ve been using this shampoo and conditioner for 4 months now. I have a very dry hair and I wanted to hydrate and keep it nourished. Spa Ceylon experts recommend this two products as they are made out of naturally pressed coconut which have many vitamins & protective anti-oxidants to help reinforce, strengthen & fortify scalp & hair balance. Adding to that it helps to repair the damaged hair. So far I’ve got very good results with them. There is no strong smell on both cleanser and conditioner.

How to use [Cleanser] – Before use, shake bottle well to activate natural oils. Apply on wet scalp & hair. Gently massage & wash off.

How to use [Conditioner] – After Cleanser, apply generously on wet hair, gently massage & comb through to ends. Leave for 2 min. & wash off.

Ingredients – Virgin Coconut, Aloe Vera, Bees Honey, Palm

Kesharaja – Scalp & Hair Treatment Oil

Keeping the best for the last. KESHARAJA – Scalp & Hair Treatment Oil is my wonder product I can easily recommend anyone who is having issues with loss of hair and dry scalp. I’ve been tried many products on the market spending lot of money and did not have any results.

KESHARAJA – Scalp & Hair Treatment Oil

Kesharaja gave me such an amazing results which was clearly visible after few months of usage. I had an issue with loosing hair both sides of my forehead area. After using few weeks it did not showed any results but I kept using it regularly as growing back loss hair will take time. After 1.5 months I started to see some very good results. On top of that my dry scalp problems also disappeared.
Kesharaja can be also treated for gray hair, which I have. But I was not successful on reducing gray hair as I believe my gray hair is not due to my age but due to Catarrh (Peenasa) I have.
During the first 2 months I have used the oil 3 times per week. But now that my work started again I’m using once a week and sometimes twice a week. Keep it in mind you have to be patient and consistent with this one to show results.

When using the oil, its recommend to warm up the oil. If you do not own an oil warmer you can follow my method of double boiling the oil. Before using the oil you can float your oil pot on hot water bowl for 5 mins

Double Boil

when its ready to use oil should be ok to touch but warm. Then apply to scalp and be generous to hair loss areas and dry scalp areas. after applying gently massage the scalp for 5 mins. You should keep the oil to absorb minimum of 20 mins and not more than 2 hours before washing.
If you are consistent with this you will be for sure rewarded with great results.

How to use – Heat oil in Oil Warmer or use the double boil method, apply directly on scalp & massage for 05 mins and keep 20 mins to 2 hours and wash off.

Ingredients – Bringraj, Babila, Indian Gooseberry, Sarsaparilla, Vetiver, Sesame, Blackseed, Kokum Bark, Coconut.


Spa Ceylon is a Sri Lanka product which I’m very proud to use as a Sri Lankan. Above that everything made from natural products and they do not tested on animals like other big brands. There is a huge collection of products which will serve almost everyone. On top of this Spa Ceylon have their Spas where you can get many treatments done using their products by qualified therapists.

Below are their Global Website. You may select store as per your location

If you live in Sri Lanka you can refer following website for Sri Lankan online store or you can visit their island wide store for more hands on experience.


We all love discounts right. So I’m gonna tell you how to get 10% when you rebuy any of Spa Ceylon items. Simply save the empty canister or container without throwing into garbage. When you give the empty container you get instant 10%
This is a proud and wonderful initiative by Spa Ceylon to reduce plastic wastage by recycling empty bottles.

Apart from this you can always check their social accounts and website. There are regular discounts for product ranges so when your favorite collection is on discount you can make the best out of it.

Forestpark Dambulla

Horse Riding and Stud Farm by Jayarathne Stables
Reading Time – 05 Mins

As a child before everything take over by internet and social media, I was a kid playing in fields and bushes, talking to animals. My dream was and still is to own a horse. That’s right horse is that magical animal brings joy to my face as soon as I see one. Unfortunately owning one is still considered somewhat luxury here in Sri Lanka and also living in tightly packed Colombo make it even harder. But that didn’t stop me getting closer to them. That’s where Forestpark Dambulla comes in.
Even though I have ridden horses before, I couldn’t continue to do so mainly due to the high training cost. Yes it’s still expensive but circumstance have changed and our priorities also changed 🙂

First Impression

My partner knows how much I love horses and somehow found out about this place and told me that we should visit this one. When we finally decided to do so, since this was in Dambulla and separate schedule had to be made. Forestpark is located 12 Km before Dambulla city (if you travel from Colombo). Surrounding area is very peaceful and basically it’s situated in a small village. As soon as entering the property I was amazed to see how much horses they had. There were many foals (baby horses) running around, the stable was huge and well organized. Being a horse nerd I saw there were many Thoroughbred horses. I was told that they allow to ride them and I was so excited (I’ll explain the different horse breeds below)

Learning process

Before I explain about this I would like to emphasize you that I have gone through this training because I wanted to become an experienced horse rider and eventually do a horse trekking trip abroad. But if you love horses and like to experience them you do not have to go through this training process.
When it comes to the learning process very special thanks should go to Mr Hewapanna. An ex police mounting division officer who has 40 years of experience with horses. He was very patient with me while pushing me to get better with every riding lesson.
To explain about the progress most simplest way is to explain about horse riding gait. There are 4 main types. Walk, Trot, Canter, Gallop (More on Web)

To comfortably do canter it took around 20 riding lessons. Keep it in mind I was only able to do slow walk when I was starting. Also I choose to start with Thoroughbred horses recently retired from racing. This is mainly because my end goal was different. But anyone who is starting can go through a different training program and Forestpark is more than happy to guide you all the way.

Below is a small video of my progress recorded. From mounting on to a horse to comfortably riding. You can hear my trainer Mr. Hewapanna constantly guiding me throughout 🙂

My progress over 20 lessons

Why I keep going back

Riding a horse gives you lot of benefits. It can relieved stress, improve mood, its a fantastic exercise to strengthens your muscles specially core and improve your posture. While all these are proven facts the main reason I keep going back to this place is the love I have for the horses and of course learning to ride is always a never ending process. You learn new things everyday and its all about bonding or building a relationship with your horse.

I got some love from Razor Wind 🙂

While I love all breeds of horses I specifically love Thoroughbreds. They are the breed that used for racing, mainly because of their speed and size. This is the only place I saw in Sri Lanka where you get the opportunity to leisure ride Thoroughbreds.
Main reason is because Jayarathne Stable is one of the main competitors taking part in Nuwaraeiliya horse racing. While horses can race professionally during age 2.5 years to 4 years where they show peak performance. At age 5 to 6 years they retire from racing and younger ones take over. Jayarathne stables bring their retired horses to Forestpark Dambulla where they help to breed new horses hopefully to replace their places in racing arena.
Horses are also just like humans. They need physical exercise and a proper diet to live healthily. Even though this Thoroughbred horses finish their racing careers they will still need proper exercise to keep in shape. That’s where the leisure riding program comes in. But don’t forget they do have other horse breeds as well. So your choice is not limited to an ex race horse. You can select more calm easy to ride Marwari Horses as well.

At the time of writing Forestpark have several riding packages.

  • Beginner Riding Package – 30 Mins
  • Advance Riding Package – 1 Hour
  • Safari Package
  • Monthly Package
  • 1 Year VIP membership
  • Special photoshoot package ( For weddings, events etc)

Forestpark have a dedicated staff to take care of their horses. Everyone from the security gate to stable welcome you with a smiling face and help you to have an wonderful experience.

They have all the high quality riding equipment along with necessary safety equipment. They provide you with Riding boots [Long boots], Safety Jacket, Helmet. I recommend you to go with long thick, but comfortable/stretchable pants and a comfortable top for a better and safe experience.

While my partner being my main motivator and the man behind the camera, and keeping a low key on social life. He loved being around horses and started his lessons recently. All thanks to Forestpark I would say, and of course little bit of influence from me as well. We are hoping to do a horse trekking trip abroad soon.

Me and my partner

Speical Note – Forestpark is in the making of small hotel attached to the property, so visitor like us can book long stays. But this is still in the making so do check comments section. I’ll update when that is complete and ready.


I think rather telling you how much I love the place it’s easy for me to say keep follow me on Insta. Because you will see me continuously making trips to Dambulla only to visit Forestpark. Thats how much I love the place. But it’s my duty to tell you what I think about this place.

Love horses ?
Like to learn how to ride them ?
Then Forestpark Dambulla is a must visit place for you. Yes it’s bit far from Colombo but you will be rewarded with a massive running track along with ample space for you to train as well as be with horses.

Address –
ForestPark Horse Riding Centre
Attabendiwewa Rd, Dambulla

Google Map link – Directions

Ulagalla by Uga Escapes

58 Acers Heavenly Retreat in Anuradhapura, Tirappane
02 November 2020
Reading Time – 05 Mins


Ulagalla by Uga Escapes is located in the quiet village of Tirappane, 40 km north of Dambulla and 20 Km to Anuradhapura Town.
This 58 acers of woodland sounded by huge tank and a lake which supplies water to the village and of course to the property. Because of this abundance of lush green and source of water, wildlife is thriving along with humans.

Map Location


Our traditional welcome

Upon our arrival we have to gone through some security measures and safety check due to the fact we are still in COVID-19 pandemic. Once screening completed we had a unique traditional welcome.

150 year old tradition, when a visitor arrives at the entrance this bells were places and ring it 3 times to inform that you are here.

Staff told us every visitor that arrives goes through this welcome and that’s a proper Sri Lankan way to welcome a guest.

Soon after the welcome we were escorted to our Villa. We have selected the “ULAGALLA ONE BEDROOM POOL VILLA” and it was equipped with all what we expected and even more


The villa had two sides. Spacious living area with a very comfortable couch with TV, Tea/Coffee maker. Bedroom was all about sleep quality where no distractions like TV etc. Bathroom was huge and shower area is excellent with all the fittings are in copper to give a rustic look. Bedroom adjoining the bathroom in the middle with a walking area that connected the living space and main entrance. There was a high quality Bluetooth speaker which you can connect your device for your chilled music.

From the bedroom there was a sub exit which take you to a small wooden deck where you can relax and also directly access your private pool.

Private pool is actually an usable one with 1.4m deep turn it into a jacuzzi with a switch of a button and nice bench where you can sit and relax while sipping your favorite drink. if you are worried about your privacy they have designed it in a way you will not have any issues even though the villa next to you is close by but both in two small hills and covered from one an other.

Every villa has two bicycles. This can be used for your transportation as i mention this property is 58 acres in size. You have the option of calling for a Golf Buggy so you will be escort to any area with in the property.


I can only say good things about food. Since this is a large boutique type hotel so do not expect a buffet. The menu is fixed and I think its seasonal. Everything that served was fresh and tasty. I’m a very picky eater, but the food was tasty and had a nice varsity. I have to specially mention the comments from partner. Since he is a vegetarian he struggles anywhere we go with food. But in Ullagalla he was given vegetarian options he highly appreciated. Due to COVID-19 in room dining was not available. However you can call the restaurant before your arrival and place the order so you will be served instantly upon your arrival to the restaurant.

Potion size was perfect and presentation was very good

Things to do / Activities

Plenty of things to do here. Even though Ulagalla is situated in village out of all the chaotic city life, it is well placed closer to many attractions. But you are surrounded by 58 acres of green fortress and there are plenty to do inhouse.

For in-depth description on attritions – Vitit Ulagalla Page

Nature Walk

Best time – 6.30 a.m

When you book your nature walk hotel staff will introduced to one of their expert in house naturalist. Remember Ulagalla is like a small family [I will keep on saying this throughout the post] so when you want something or you need anything to be done everyone will get to know [Of course in a very positive way] and your wish will be fulfilled immediately. Coming back to the topic, your naturalist will come to pick you from your villa [Make sure you wake up early so it will be very cool and you can see many animals] and walk with you explaining about surroundings and wildlife you spot, their habitats etc. You will be provided high quality binocular and I advice you to take your camera too.

During the Nature Walk
Animals wake up early. If you want to see them you have to do the same 🙂

Jungle Kayaking

Best time – Combine with Nature walk
If not morning time or one hour before sunset

To save time during the stay naturalist advice us to combine nature walk with kayaking. This was a fantastic suggestion. Our nature walk finished at the starting point of Jungle Kayaking. Kayaking was done in “Anamaduwa Tank” built by ancient kings. This tank is the main source of water for the entire village as well as animals living in the surrounded jungles. There was small briefing provided with operation of the kayak and safety guide. Life jackets were provided along with water bottles to refresh your self along the way. I don’t recommend taking your expensive cameras as it may get damaged [accidents do happen]. Gopro or IP68 waterproof phone will be your friend. There are lots of native birds you can watch, make sure you glide towards them without paddling so you don’t disturb them and you will be rewarded with nice pictures 🙂

Your expert guide surely help you to take pictures as take home memories
Small highlight of our kayak session

Horseback Riding

Best time – Anytime out of the midday Sun

At the time of booking Ulagalla my partner convinced me to consider the hotel by showing this activity. As I’m a big horse lover [So does my partner] horseback riding was a must do for us. “Rolex” is the Ulagalla version of luxury. He is a wonderful Marwari horse who is an expert when it comes to galloping in open fields and walk through water to show you amazing sunsets. You don’t have to be an experienced rider to do this activity. Rolex is a lovely horse very calm and he will take care of you entire duration and of course you will be guided by their expert horse groom and help you to take Instagram worthy pictures

Me and Rolex 🙂
It’s not me. Rolex just showing off

Due to the COVID-19 we had to cancel the village bicycle tour, but we did not mind because we had plenty of places to cycle around the property.

Staff and Service

I cannot talk enough about this part, but I’ll try my best to write this as short as possible. Like I said above Ulagalla is like a small family, when you are in it you will be an important guest. This is the exact culture still exist in villages. Anything that you desire or wish will be taken care by staff without any hesitation. You will feel home when you are here and they make sure you are taken care of. Everyone will be always greet you with their simile and attend to your needs with utmost care.

The effort they make for sustainability should recognized. Reusable glass bottles, solar energy, rain water harvest, use of electric powered golf carts for transport and even modified golf carts to carry laundry and even kayaks should mention.


Ulagalla by Uga Escapes is one of the best in Sri Lanka when it comes to Luxury Boutique Hotels

Why ?

Everything is well placed and I have nothing to complain about. If I nitpicking do I have anything to say ?
Answer is still no. That is why Ulagalla gets a perfect rating.

Ulagalla Website

I hope you enjoyed reading my blog.

I’ll meet you soon with another one.