Ulagalla by Uga Escapes

58 Acers Heavenly Retreat in Anuradhapura, Tirappane
02 November 2020
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Ulagalla by Uga Escapes is located in the quiet village of Tirappane, 40 km north of Dambulla and 20 Km to Anuradhapura Town.
This 58 acers of woodland sounded by huge tank and a lake which supplies water to the village and of course to the property. Because of this abundance of lush green and source of water, wildlife is thriving along with humans.

Map Location


Our traditional welcome

Upon our arrival we have to gone through some security measures and safety check due to the fact we are still in COVID-19 pandemic. Once screening completed we had a unique traditional welcome.

150 year old tradition, when a visitor arrives at the entrance this bells were places and ring it 3 times to inform that you are here.

Staff told us every visitor that arrives goes through this welcome and that’s a proper Sri Lankan way to welcome a guest.

Soon after the welcome we were escorted to our Villa. We have selected the “ULAGALLA ONE BEDROOM POOL VILLA” and it was equipped with all what we expected and even more


The villa had two sides. Spacious living area with a very comfortable couch with TV, Tea/Coffee maker. Bedroom was all about sleep quality where no distractions like TV etc. Bathroom was huge and shower area is excellent with all the fittings are in copper to give a rustic look. Bedroom adjoining the bathroom in the middle with a walking area that connected the living space and main entrance. There was a high quality Bluetooth speaker which you can connect your device for your chilled music.

From the bedroom there was a sub exit which take you to a small wooden deck where you can relax and also directly access your private pool.

Private pool is actually an usable one with 1.4m deep turn it into a jacuzzi with a switch of a button and nice bench where you can sit and relax while sipping your favorite drink. if you are worried about your privacy they have designed it in a way you will not have any issues even though the villa next to you is close by but both in two small hills and covered from one an other.

Every villa has two bicycles. This can be used for your transportation as i mention this property is 58 acres in size. You have the option of calling for a Golf Buggy so you will be escort to any area with in the property.


I can only say good things about food. Since this is a large boutique type hotel so do not expect a buffet. The menu is fixed and I think its seasonal. Everything that served was fresh and tasty. I’m a very picky eater, but the food was tasty and had a nice varsity. I have to specially mention the comments from partner. Since he is a vegetarian he struggles anywhere we go with food. But in Ullagalla he was given vegetarian options he highly appreciated. Due to COVID-19 in room dining was not available. However you can call the restaurant before your arrival and place the order so you will be served instantly upon your arrival to the restaurant.

Potion size was perfect and presentation was very good

Things to do / Activities

Plenty of things to do here. Even though Ulagalla is situated in village out of all the chaotic city life, it is well placed closer to many attractions. But you are surrounded by 58 acres of green fortress and there are plenty to do inhouse.

For in-depth description on attritions – Vitit Ulagalla Page

Nature Walk

Best time – 6.30 a.m

When you book your nature walk hotel staff will introduced to one of their expert in house naturalist. Remember Ulagalla is like a small family [I will keep on saying this throughout the post] so when you want something or you need anything to be done everyone will get to know [Of course in a very positive way] and your wish will be fulfilled immediately. Coming back to the topic, your naturalist will come to pick you from your villa [Make sure you wake up early so it will be very cool and you can see many animals] and walk with you explaining about surroundings and wildlife you spot, their habitats etc. You will be provided high quality binocular and I advice you to take your camera too.

During the Nature Walk
Animals wake up early. If you want to see them you have to do the same 🙂

Jungle Kayaking

Best time – Combine with Nature walk
If not morning time or one hour before sunset

To save time during the stay naturalist advice us to combine nature walk with kayaking. This was a fantastic suggestion. Our nature walk finished at the starting point of Jungle Kayaking. Kayaking was done in “Anamaduwa Tank” built by ancient kings. This tank is the main source of water for the entire village as well as animals living in the surrounded jungles. There was small briefing provided with operation of the kayak and safety guide. Life jackets were provided along with water bottles to refresh your self along the way. I don’t recommend taking your expensive cameras as it may get damaged [accidents do happen]. Gopro or IP68 waterproof phone will be your friend. There are lots of native birds you can watch, make sure you glide towards them without paddling so you don’t disturb them and you will be rewarded with nice pictures 🙂

Your expert guide surely help you to take pictures as take home memories
Small highlight of our kayak session

Horseback Riding

Best time – Anytime out of the midday Sun

At the time of booking Ulagalla my partner convinced me to consider the hotel by showing this activity. As I’m a big horse lover [So does my partner] horseback riding was a must do for us. “Rolex” is the Ulagalla version of luxury. He is a wonderful Marwari horse who is an expert when it comes to galloping in open fields and walk through water to show you amazing sunsets. You don’t have to be an experienced rider to do this activity. Rolex is a lovely horse very calm and he will take care of you entire duration and of course you will be guided by their expert horse groom and help you to take Instagram worthy pictures

Me and Rolex 🙂
It’s not me. Rolex just showing off

Due to the COVID-19 we had to cancel the village bicycle tour, but we did not mind because we had plenty of places to cycle around the property.

Staff and Service

I cannot talk enough about this part, but I’ll try my best to write this as short as possible. Like I said above Ulagalla is like a small family, when you are in it you will be an important guest. This is the exact culture still exist in villages. Anything that you desire or wish will be taken care by staff without any hesitation. You will feel home when you are here and they make sure you are taken care of. Everyone will be always greet you with their simile and attend to your needs with utmost care.

The effort they make for sustainability should recognized. Reusable glass bottles, solar energy, rain water harvest, use of electric powered golf carts for transport and even modified golf carts to carry laundry and even kayaks should mention.


Ulagalla by Uga Escapes is one of the best in Sri Lanka when it comes to Luxury Boutique Hotels

Why ?

Everything is well placed and I have nothing to complain about. If I nitpicking do I have anything to say ?
Answer is still no. That is why Ulagalla gets a perfect rating.

Ulagalla Website

I hope you enjoyed reading my blog.

I’ll meet you soon with another one.


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