Chena Huts by Uga Escapes

All Inclusive Bliss in Yala, Tissamaharama
10 January 2021
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Chena Huts by Uga Escapes is bordering one of the most visiting national parks in Sri Lanka called Yala. Chena Huts is 22 Km or 30 mins drive from the nearest town Tissamaharama. Last part to the hotel is not paved and you required assistance from a vehicle since you will travel through a small jungle with common sighting of wildlife. Chena Huts built next to Yala coast where you get to experience the purest Sri Lankan beach with jungle next to it. Beach here is pristine and there will be no one to trouble your privacy which is highly valued here in Chena Huts

Map Location


Upon our arrival we have to gone through some security measures and safety check due to the fact we are still in COVID-19 pandemic. Once screening completed we had a unique traditional welcome.
If you read my blogpost on Uga Ullagalla likewise Chena Huts also follow their own unique welcome they call as “Flag Ceremony” where they let you put Sri Lankan flag in front of your know language.

Right after the flag ceremony we were guided to our lovely villa. Since this property is an all inclusive resort all of the villas are same tier level and you don’t required to upgrade your villa to experience further benefits.


The villa was absolutely beautiful. As soon as you enter the villa you feel like you are in a jungle Igloo. Yala is a hot and humid place, but even without air condition the room was cool thanks to high roof and dome shape and the room covered from  Palmyra tree leaves which further reduce the heat from the sun. Above video will give you a better understanding about the room situation.

Use of the space was impressive where the bed was the centerpiece. Bathroom was behind the bed where two wash basins with mirrors to your chores and bathtub is right behind you. shower and toilet separated in two small cubicles.

The highlight of the room has to be the private pool. When you open the backdoor of the villa, you will be welcomed to an amazing deck covered with thick forest where you can call 100% private. The pool was big enough for two people with almost one stroke of swim size (you get the idea). There is a lovely outdoor shower head if you prefer to take one and two sun beds along with camping style chairs there to enjoy the nature while you can enjoy the all inclusive mini bar with a lovely glass of wine.

Room Tour


I can only say good things about the Food and Beverages in Chena Huts. Every meal they served was amazing and tasty. Everything was freshly cooked and portions were size to the perfection. Each meal is well planned and executed by the restaurant. By the time you are done with your food I’m sure you will be full with tasty food. If you have gone through my previous posts you know that my partner is plant based. Best part about this is I get to tell my vegetarian and vegan folks about food situation too.

Few pics of Yummies 🙂

As per my partner. He loved the food. Best part is he was impress how chef was providing proteins rich food without using animal meat. overall this will be a fantastic news for the vegan and vegetarian people visiting Chena huts.

Well you know the food is amazing at Chena but what about the drinks. In an all inclusive resort like this can you expect variety of beverages that include alcohol as well. Answer would be absolutely yes. There are number of fresh juice’s made with seasonal fresh fruits. Also there are very nice mocktails and cocktails if you fancy that kind of vibe. You do get to enjoy wine for your romantic outdoor dinner. But if you are a person who enjoys wine during anytime of the day Chena huts don’t mind serving you a glass during mid day even. Apart from that you get some choices of hard liquor also, but if you want your favorite liquor, chances are you might have to check their paid menu options depending on your preferences in hard liquor.

Day two meals.

Things to do / Activities

Chena Huts is located bordering Sri Lanka’s most popular National Park “Yala”. Although Yala is not the biggest national park in the island but it’s the most protected. One reason is it’s border to sea from one side and other three sides also well protected and not many civilizations around it. Reason I like game drives with Chena is they have well qualified naturalist to guide you throughout and having a qualified naturalist next to you will open the nature to you like you have never seen before.
You get to learn how animal behave and also learn about many plants and trees that are indigenous. The game drive 4×4 vehicles are in highest quality and well equipped to give you a comfortable ride where you can totally focus on witnessing the nature while Chena Huts will take care of the rest for you.

Other than the Safari Chena Huts equipped with a fantastic spa where you get to relax after drive in the jungle.

Also don’t forget to enjoy the beach in front of the property. There are nicely placed benches which ensure distance where you get to relax and enjoy the waves.

Small Video on Chena Huts

Staff and Service

If you read my Uga Ulagalla review you may already know that I love their service. It’s carried to Chena Huts as well. Every staff member here will make sure to give their fullest to make your stay a memorable one.

Staff here in Chena Huts always on point to keep things tidy and ensure your villa is clean and refill everything that used with new ones. They live up to their name of giving you an unforgettable all inclusive luxury experience.


Uga Chena Huts is constantly ranked among top 10 all inclusive luxury hotels in Sri Lanka and among the world as well. This is mainly due to their consistent effort to make everything perfect and giving their guest the best care they can ask for.

We also treated the same way and that’s why we also love the whole experience there.

The best part for me was my villa was surrounded by the jungle yet I hear the waves crashing in shore. What can I ask more ?
Please take me back to Chena Huts that’s all I can ask for.

Chena Huts Website

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