Haritha Villas + Spa

Exclusive Comforts Designed to Relax, Thiranagama – Hikkaduwa
16 June 2021
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Haritha Villas located in small town called Thiranagama closer to the well known Hikkaduwa in down south Sri Lanka. This beautiful resort is only a 5-minute drive from Hikkaduwa beach but located on a Hill surrounded by a small forest.

Getting to Haritha Villas is easy. You can take the Southern Highway and it will take around 1 hour and 15 minutes drive.

Tip – Google Map shows a different road to the hotel. So when you are closer you shall call the hotel for directions. It was not a hassle at all and we were able to find the road easily.

Map Location


As I have mentioned earlier, Haritha Villa located approximately 900m from the coast and less than 20km from Galle. But inside Haritha you will feel like you are in the middle of a luxury jungle. The view from the main restaurant and pool is a green paddy field and its lush greenery everywhere you walk.

An outstanding thing at Haritha Villa is that once you arrive, you will be assigned to a Villa Master and he will take care of you during your entire stay. This is a unique when compared to the rest.

Our lunch sport


Haritha Villas + Spa has two Colonial mansions sharing a big saltwater pool and 7 independent contemporary villas with saltwater plunge pools. Two Colonial mansions are designed for families since they can accommodated up to six guests.

The view from Independent villas is all covered with trees and bushes and underlying paddy fields.  Each villa has a beautifully manicured garden area, outside dining area and a private terrace with sofa and sun beds and your own saltwater plunge pool.

Room Tour

Each room and villa has Bose wireless portable 360 speakers for entertainment and an iPad with a chat function for easy communication. Not only that you will be given a smartphone so you can communicate with your Villa Master and summon whenever you require his service.

Since we visited the resort during the pandemic it was very impressive how the safety measures were adapted here. Every towel sanitised and packed separately and the villa was fully sanitised for every new guest.

Haritha is a 100% plastic free resort. Kudos to that.

Every Villa equipped with cutting edge technology


At Haritha Villas you get to decide where you want to dine. We personally loved and enjoyed our romantic dinner setup in our villa. But i recommend their main restaurant for dining as well, since it gives such a lovely view along side the main pool.
Haritha has their own organic vegetable garden which plays a huge part to these super delicious dishes. We tried the Western cuisine and the local cuisine as well, everything was just great as it looks. We were served in the main restaurant and in our villa as we ought to. All what we tasted here have left that tasty print on our tongues.

Floating Breakfast

Things to do / Activities

Haritha Villa + Spa is designed with pure peace. So they focus on their guest’s wellness and relaxation predominantly. They have a fully equipped Spa treatment facility and a lovely Yoga deck

Yoga and Spa at Haritha

They have bicycles which you can take for rides around the village and paddy fields. There is a reading area next to the main restaurant and pool where you can read and relax with your favourite drink.

If you love excursions outside the property you are in luck. Haritha Villa located in one of the most tourist dense locations in the country. Below are few suggestions from my side,

  • Hikkaduwa Beach
  • Unawatuna Beach – Snorkelling and diving
  • Mirissa – Surfing
  • Mirissa – Whale Watching

Your butler should be able to arrange your outside excursions after taking your requirements

Staff and Service

Haritha Villa + Spa is specially designed to encourage personalised service to guests. So, most of the time the engagement with the staff was through your Villa Master aka butler. Your accommodation, food and beverages to all other in house facilities will be done by your butler. But apart from our butler we met the front desk staff, spa treatment staff, yoga instructor and even the head chef and the general manager as well. Their service was one of a kind. 

Staff at Haritha works with one accord providing the best relaxation that money can buy.

Details Video on Haritha Villa + Spa


Haritha Villa + Spa is a beautiful serene property, it’s beauty is only surpassed by their service. We were amazed at haritha’s quietness, relaxation and personalised luxury. It’s located in the perfect place for relaxation and the Spa and Yoga studio completes it. There are many spa rituals you can take which caters for your wellness and beauty.

We recommend this small boutique villa for anyone who is looking for luxurious experience with ultimate relaxation.

Haritha Villa + Spa Website

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