Nutrijoy SL Protein Bars

Yums that won’t get you plum.
22 August 2021
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When a tummy full meal being reformed in a size of a chocolate bar, that’s a Nutri Bar.

Nutri Bar has few other names such as, Protein Bar, Energy bar, Cereal Bar, Power Bar etc.

However, all of it means that it contains a lot of nutrition in it.

As mentioned, Protein bars are the replacement of any mean which is rich in protein.

When people don’t have time to cook or carry food or with any other contrast circumstance, this is a great replacement indeed. A Nutri bar contains the macro nutrients and micro nutrients which a human should intake into their food on a daily basis.

This is typically popular among travellers, mountain climbers, hikers, gym and fitness freaks, athletes and people with busy life style. Indeed, the people who don’t fall under these categories also can consume this. Since it’s made using dried fruits, dates, nuts, seeds and grains. Also, it supports a good digestive system.

Moreover, it is vital to check the ingredients of each and every Nutri bar. As the label provides vital information.

Being an adventurist, energy bars have a good impact in me. Initially when I tried this, I was wondering, thinking to myself how could a small chocolate bar kind of a thing could be so rich in nutrition?! but when I felt the difference, it actually adds more value now.

Nutrijoy SL is a great choice if you are in look out of any kind of Power bars since, they import high quality stuff from USA and Canada. Most importantly you can get your customised Protein box and they have super good varieties.

They also post tips and useful information on their Instagram account. So go check their page mentioned below for information as well as orders.

Well, I received a Protein Box from Nutrijoy SL and it contained 15 bars in total which includes 10 international brands and 7 different varieties.

The taste was truly amazing. Some were scrumptious, some were the typical bars, in some the flavour was so good, some smelt really good and some other were chocolaty. Overall, it’s a total good package which is reasonable in price.

Nutrijoy SL Page –

DM on WhatsApp – +94 74 090 8989

4 thoughts on “Nutrijoy SL Protein Bars

  1. They indeed have some amazing array of nutritional bars. I’ve been purchasing from them for few months and I have to say, I am enjoying their service and products.


  2. great service and excellent quality products. Fast delivery. The best place to buy a lots of variety healthy products with reasonable price. Anyone who looking for a healthy products, this is the best place and I highly recommend. Best of luck for your great service 👍💯👌👊💪


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